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Not only does our glass keep more of Sun`s energy out in Summer and keeps the interior warmer in Winter, it also stays cleaner for longer with the self cleaning coating. By incorporating Argon gas into the sealed units we can achieve a U-value of 1.2.


Available in a Subtle Blue or Nutral (clear) both of which can be seen side-by-side at our outdoor showsite for comparison.



The traditional roofing product for conservatory roofs, the modern day polycarbonates are a far cry from there predecessors. A minimum of 25mm up to 35mm thickness, replaces the 16mm of old. Meaning more heat retention, better sound proofing and more efficient shading.


Available in the standard Clear, Opal, Bronze and Bronze/Opal. Also available is "Heatguard", designed to limit heat build up within the conservatory. It allows light to enter the roof , but by deflecting solar radiation, can reduce solar heat gain by over 50% compared to the standard products.


U-values up to 1.3 can be achieved with all colour options.

Utopia - EcoRoof


Most ordinary conservatories have a single layer of polycarbonate glazing in the roof which can lead to costly heating bills in the Winter and too much heat build up in Summer.


Utopia is the only roof on the market that features a double-layer of polycarbonate, 35mm Heatguard externally and 32mm Opal internally, creating 13 air pockets.


It is this construction that allows a true 365 day usage of your conservatory achieving U-Values of 0.53 which out-performs even the best glass products. In addition these sound proofing air pockets allow for a quieter and more peaceful internal environment.


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