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Renovation and Home Design


What We Do!


Offer a Free, No Obligation Quotation and Design service to all our potential clients.


Carry out a totally professional assessment of your personal brief and provide our help and advice in order that you can achieve your goals.


Provide you with a fully comprehensive IBG (insurance Backed Guarantee), provided by the Plastic Window Federation (click here for details).


Provide you with Deposit Indemnity Insurance covering up to 15% of the total order value.


Have an office (see map) meaning that you can visit us, at a premises, and not just deal with an 0800 number diverted to a mobile line.


Provide you with any and all of the required documentation that apply to your installation, may it be BFRC Energy rating certificate (windows), Part P (electrics), Planning permission or Building Regs.



What We Don`t Do!


Employ commision based salesmen, therefore having to mark-up your quote to allow for their commissions.


Advertise "Special Offers" for any of our buildings. Everyone is priced from scratch, with nothing added, simply to take off again and try and tempt you, disguising this reduction as an "Offer".


Offer to "Beat any like-for like price", as we will always be competitive due to how our quotations are worked out, it just wouldn`t be possible for someone offering a like-for like product £000s cheaper.


Use an 0845, 0870 or 0800 telephone number to contact any of our departments. Whilst the World is becoming much more "mobile" based, we considered that the inevitable costs that our customers would incur by calling one of these numbers to contact us - is quite unfair! Therefore, due to the fact that the vast majority of mobile plans (including PAYG) have inclusive calls to landlines as part of the deal, we have gone full-circle and returned back to a local landline contact number.


Provide a "0%" or "Buy Now Pay Later" product. Come on, really! Does anyone honestly think that anything, especially money, is "FREE"  these days? All of these offers carry a "subsidy" that needs to be paid to the finance provider of the facility. This is typically 12-14% of the value of the finance contract. Therefore, if I actually wanted a figure of £10,000 for  your conservatory, I would have to charge you anything from £11,200-£11,400. Not really "FREE" then is it? There are much cheaper finance deals than 12-14% available in the marketplace today, including TRUE 0% deals when balance transferring or even purchasing on a credit card! As a discerning customer, we would rather give you the opportunity to consider the best option for yourself.



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