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Know somebody that might be interested in a Loggia Prestige Extension?


Loggia Prestige incorporates the Loggia narrow columns, Prestige insulating pelmet and LivinLight which address the three main heat loss areas, transforming a conservatory into a thermally efficient Loggia extension. This will help keep the room cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, reducing your heating bills by up to 30% when compared to a standard conservatory.


Loggia Prestige comes equipped with the revolutionary new LivinLight to transform the lighting options available in your new living space. This coupled with the capability of downlighting in your Prestige Insulated pelmet will completely transform the look and feel of your Loggia extension.


All these features combine to give the interior a more substantive ‘room like’ feel, immediately differentiating it from a standard conservatory.


Externally the Loggia Prestige delivers contemporary design enhancing any home. The Loggia narrow columns complimented by the Prestige Cornice delivers the ultimate in modern look and feel.


Loggia Prestige – Great value, great Looks. Options of a range of door types, low perimeter wall or elegant full height glazing – with Loggia Prestige the choice is definately yours.

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