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21st Century Living, inspired by the Renaissance  


The Loggia system is referenced on the Royal Institute of British Architects website,

Outstanding Design in every Aspect


For any design to stand out, we believe it has to be outstanding in every way. Whether you home is modern or traditional, Loggia will enhance your property and compliment it perfectly. It can even be added as a standalone feature building such as an office or contemporary living space. The structural design options present you with a myriad of possibilities, enabling you to create a bespoke design completely tailored to your property.



Whatever your visual preferences, Loggia will more than measure up to your expectations. It combines elements of light and sky with the solidity of corner columns possesing real inner core strength, add internal plastered walls and perimeter ceilings and you create a "real room" feel.


Using advanced roof and window glazing that achieve excellent U-values means that it will be warmer and cosier in the Winter, typically half the heating costs of a traditional conservatory, and cooler in the Summer. A true all year round room.


Due to the ingenious construction of the Loggia columns, your building can be built within a much shorter timeframe than brick piers and without the inevitable construction delays of using brick due to the weather conditions. All with no compromise on quality.


Only the finest quality materials are used on the internal specification, providing an inner strength which will last for years and years. Full height columns - depending on locality - feature additional structural steelwork and are anchored to the foundations for absolute structural integrity. This makes it 4 times stiffer than a conventional conservatory.

The columns offer the flexibility of various siting options, integrating glazing and plastering perfectly and creating an extension that will add considerable value to your home.


The colums are super insulated with a core of Styroper carbon-enriched EPS, giving you exceptional insulation performance.


Because 10 times more heat will escape through a window than through a Loggia column, its thermal performance is exceptionally impressive. On a 4 column building, heating costs are less than half that of a standard conservatory, and on a 7 column, Building Regulation compliant Loggia - costs are  reduced by two-thirds! The precision engineered columns mean that a U-value of only 0.15W/m2 is achieved, making them twice as efficient as a normal insulated cavity wall.


Columns can be placed in a number of positions arounf the perimeter - at 90 degree external corners, inbetween frames, either side of door openings and abutting the house wall.


Columns can be full height or can be designed to sit on a dwarf wall with a range of detailling optionsat the base of the columns that make each installation competely bespoke.


Design Options


1  Cornice Gutter.  The addition of the cornice gutter is a stunning option that really adds individual style to your new building. by "masking" over the end of the conservatory roof rafters, the look of a fascia "orangery" is produced.


2.  Loggia Integrated Heaters. The Loggia radiant heater is compact and completely integrated into the 90 degree corner columns. They are so efficient that a 4000mm x 4000mm only requires two of these heaters to warm up the space. Thermostats can be set for ambient room temperature or touch temperature, especially useful when young children about.


3.  Internal Ceiling Perimeter (LivinRoom).  The perfect place to house downlighters, speakers, telephone and broadband wiring. You can read more about the LivinRoom here.

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Know somebody that might be interested in a Loggia Extension?

Case Study - Slab to watertight (inc. electrics) in just 6 DAYS!!!!

Click on the image to the right to see how we totally transformed an old rotten wooden conservatory, to a state of the art, Loggia, using all of the above design features and more!


All in just 6 DAYS!!!



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