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See how we transform a traditional conservatory

If you are considering extending your home - whether through the addition os a conservatory or extension - then you should consider LivinRoom by bellavista. 


LivinRoom is the best of both worlds, combining the light and sky of a conservatory, with the walls and ceiling of an extension. livinroom is truly multi-functional, creating a pleasant and relaxing space for mediatation, or can be used as a "full-on" family room.


Consider these benfits when choosing:


Enjoy the light from a conservatory roof with the feel of an extension - providing greater overall value and the best of all worlds.


Creates a whole new dynamic to the space - a "real room / living room" feel.


You can maintain light and space by using windows all round, or have brick piers to give a greater sense of solidity.


A holistic 10 year guarantee.


Better thermal efficiency when compared to a traditional conservatory.


More styling and furnishing options and the ceiling perimeter is perfect for down lighters and speakers.


Change the visual dynamics externally too, by using Cornice guttering for a smooth finish at wall/roof interface.


300mm - 1200mm width to give as much glass or "ceiling" that you like.

See our installation slideshow below.

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