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as seen at our Conservatory showrooms. 


Our team have been installing pattern imprinted concrete driveways and patios throughout the Greater Manchester area and beyond for over 10 years. Our promt and courteous staff have a firm reputation for excellent craftsmanship, hassle-free installs all at an affordable price.


Pattern Imprinted concrete comes in a massive array of colours and patterns to make each patio or driveway totally unique. The finished surface is up to 25% stronger than traditional concrete and virtually maintenence free. The suface is sealed, which means that it will repel dirt, stains, plant growth, moss and algae and can also be treated for a non-slip finish.


The concrete is laid onto a substantial sub-base, to eliminate carcks, sagging, subsidance and weed growth. Expansion joints are carefully inserted as to not disrupt the pattern too much, which will allow the finished concrete to move freely in extremes of heat and cold.

There are usually 5 distinct stages to laying Pattern Imprinted Concrete
























First, the levels are checked to ensure that the falls are OK and that any water will run away from the house. If not, a deco drain or aco drain, must be installed to prevent the property suffering from damp issues. If a water permeable suface, such as grass is being replaced, there may be a need for planning permission, which would have already been discussed with our consultant.

Finally, your patio or driveway is sealed and cleaned, providing a long lasting finish and permanent solution. Your installation can be cleaned and resealed at any time to replenish the "just laid" appearance.

Once the concrete has set, we will make a return visit in order to create the expansion joints and apply an "acid etch", if this has been asked for. An example of this additional "stain" can be seen on the example at our Conservatory showroom.

Then the concrete is poured, levelled and coloured. A secondary colour is also adde to two reasons, one is for the final look and aesthetic effect, the other is to protect the print. This is so that when the pattern mats that "emboss" the design into the wet concrete are lifted, the second colour or "release" preserves the print.

Next, there is the excavation of the area, for the new surface and the laying of the sub-base. This sub-base is identical to the material used in the construction of our roads and motorways. If required, the new drainage is installed and new manholes are set.

Here is a small photo-story of the installation at our Conservatory showroom

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