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The Contempoary Glazed Extension from bellavista


Conservatories have always been an excellent way for consumers to blur the margin between home and garden, but bellavista takes this idea to a whole new level with this glazed extension.


As you can see, the roof glazing oversails the conservatory frames to form a "cocoon" where you can sit, as if still in the garden, but be protected from the worst of the elements. Moreover, with clever use of bi-fold doors, or large in-line sliders, you can essentially create a glazed verandah under which you can truly enjoy outdoor living.


The glazed extension can be configured in many different ways, to fulfil your requirements:


Between 2 walls of the same length.


Between 2 walls of varying lengths.


On glazed side frames.


Wrap-around the house.


Mono, or Duo Pitch


You can also have a "reverse" pitch which can be seen on our show site model where it pitches up from the house wall, as opposed to down.

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The glazed extension roof features a Super Heavy Duty Eaves Beam* which will allow for wide span openings, and the main "Veranda" beam is constructed from powder coated aluminium which acts as an integral gutter and support beam.


To complete the structural support package, we use solid Oak posts.


*On certain styles and sizes with complex shapes or very wide openings, a portal frame may be required. We will advise you of this, should it be needed. 

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