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Enhancement Programme

What it means!


In much the same way that the national supermarkets and retaillers in general, look to reward your loyalty through point and reward schemes, we created the "Enhancement Programme" to work in a similar kind of way.


For many years now we have provided hundreds of satisfied customers with a garden building of their dreams, only to leave when done with a neat, but uninspiring view. This year has given us the opportunity to to give our customers a complete turn-key garden building, design and landscaping service (read more here) to  completely "Enhance" their new home addition.


In addition to enhancing the outside view, our fully trained experienced staff can also provide security products such as home monitoring and CCTV to the more aspirational Home Automation products controlled by smartphone or tablet.


How it works!


Rather than advertise discounts that seem to be, and often are, to good to be true, we have taken the economies of scale into account when puuting together our "Enhancement Programme" reward offer to our customers.


We often hear "Buy One, Get One Free", or 50% discount when retaillers offer discounts, but does that mean that they have just doubled the price in the first place, just to knock 50% off? Not always. End-of-lines, excess stock etc. are all reasons why  you may see an offer being promoted. But, in an industry where everything is made to measure to a specific customer order? Doesn`t quite make sense. However, when considered a sales tactic to tempt you into placing an order, then it seems much more likely.


How about then, in a industry such as ours, where a designer, surveyor, project manager, building team and finishing team may need to be involved. All of which carry costs that will need to be included in the final project price. Think then of another project that you may wish to start 3, 6, 12 months down the line. All of the above mentioned team members may have to be included again, at a cost once more and chances are, depending on the type of project, many of the exact same people would be involved once more. Wouldn`t it have made sense to use these people whilst you were already carrying a cost for them? We think so!


Therefore, if you order any of our garden buildings range, and also order an addition from our "Enhancement" range at the same time, we will reward you by passing this cost saving onto you at the rates highlighted below. Terms & Conditions do apply. 


1st Enhancement - 10% 

2nd Enhancement - 20% 

each subsequent Enhancement - 10%


Discounts apply to the quote of the Enhancement Only.

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