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What is Durabase?


The Durabase system is a proven solution for conservatory bases - no mess, nohassle and only taking a fraction of the time to install. The system comprises of a bespoke steel base and modular wall, made to your exact specifications, thus ensuring it is a perfect fit - every time!


Durabase alleviates much of the hard work, and most of the problems associated with the old style of conservatory base construction, but still provides a safe, strong and firm foundation.


It arrives in kit form and the only foundations required are a number of concrete pads placed at strategic points around the base. This means far less excavation work and waster material to dispose of. A average base and wall can be installed in less than 2 days! Add Loggia columns and realROOF and you could have a highly insulated, watertight extension erected in as little as 5 days - AMAZING!!!


All Durabases are covered by a 15 year guarantee and carry a BBA certificate (No. 08/4525). 

5 Easy Steps

Choose the site for your conservatory. Durabase can be sited anywhere, even on a sloping site!

Install the concrete pads, as per the plan provided. Note the lack of mess and disruption!

Lay down the steel base and level using the adjustable legs, then fix to house

Attach real brick skirt and modular wall to steel base and finish by fixing the bridging tiles into place.

It`s now ready to erect the conservatory frames and roof!

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