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Renovation and Home Design


How It Works!


We know how important it is that every aspect of your decision making process is carefully considered, and therfore we will never rush you into choosing anything that will not fulfil your wants and needs. Instead, we listen to what it is that you want to achieve and then go about creating something with you that works, rather than trying to "sell" you something that will fall short of the mark, just because it might be easier and less work.


All our designers are highly trained, to ensure that every detail and possibility is covered, by giving you the advice, guidance and time that you`d expect when making such a large decision.


Initally, the design stage would start with a visit to your home, where our designer will gather a detailled brief from yourselves, consider the type of property you have and aspect of the proposed building. They will also take into account your lifestyle and aspirations in order to ensure that the final design works in harmony with you and your family.


How Will It Look?


Having all these ideas running around in your head generally means very little unless you have a great imagination or one of the very latest 3D, photo-realistic CAD drawing programs to create an image for you. Thankfully our designers have both! The imagination to conceptualise the building in the first place and then the software to create a 3-dimensional mock-up, an example can be seen by clicking here. The design can even be superimposed onto the back of your house, have a look by clicking here and see the final result after a few changes here.



















We also a 2-dimensional software package that will enable us to provide the drawings necessary for a Neighbour Consultation Scheme project, or Full Planning Permission, which can be seen here.



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