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Your guarantee that your new conservatory features a market leading roofing system for total peace of mind


Ultraframe is the acknowledged world leader in the design and manufacture of conservatory roofing systems. Established 25 years ago, Ultraframe has kept its systems at the cutting edge of conservatory technology through extensive research and evolutionary development.


The Ultraframe Certificate of Authenticity, which will be awarded to you on completion, is a legal document to prove you have a genuine Ultraframe conservatory roof. It also enables you to pass it on to future buyers for their own reassurance.


The roof is the most important structural element in any conservatory as it provides the strength, stability and the ventilation to your conservatory. Installing an Ultraframe conservatory roof ensures your conservatory will be robust, durable and long lasting, plus every Ultraframe roof has been engineered for every weather and climate type in the UK. Our conservatory roofing systems are designed in accordance with the highest engineering principles and are the only roofing systems available to feature integrated ventilation systems as standard.


Every Ultraframe roofing system has been approved by the British Board of Agrément - the UK’s major approval body for new constructors, products and installers, which awards a 25 year BBA life expectancy guarantee to every Ultraframe conservatory (Ultraframe were the first in the industry to hold this accreditation.) Ultraframe are also the only roofing system to have passed the USA’s BOCA system - the toughest testing regime in the world (see video below).


Our extensive research and development continues to innovate and extend the boundaries of design, so when you choose an Ultraframe conservatory, you can be certain that you are getting the very best for total peace of mind.          


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