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Renovation and Home Design

People are always asking "What cost would it be - Roughly?" They are usually greeted by the salesman / showroom assistant  rubbing their chin and asking back - "How long is a piece of string?".


Whilst there is some foundation to this statement, as there are so many different construction methods, finishes and infinate size options - not to mention the ground conditions and drainage issues - sometimes it would just be nice to know if you are likely to be looking around £20,000 which may be waaaaaay over your budget, but if difficult access and manhole covers are discovered at survey and add another £2,000 to the £10,000 "QuikQuote", then it could still fall into line with your budget.


The "real" reason that most companies will not want to give you a "rough" price, is due the the fact that they want a Salesman in your house, to pitch their company, product and "offer" to you - in order to try and close a deal.


We don`t beleive in working like that and that`s why at BellaVista, our highly trained and experienced staff, will be quite happy to discuss your requirements over the phone prior to coming out for a full survey, and working out a "QuikQuote" for you - based on our conversation.


Although we would never be expected to be held to this as a "Quote / Estimate", our years of experience should be able to give you a fairly accurate idea of cost, to see whether you feel it is necessary to ask us to come to see you at your home, to establish a firm quotation for you, that you will receive in writing and can keep for 60 days, with no obligation.


From your point of view, all that we ask is that you do not compare a BellaVista "QuikQuote" with a quote provided by a company that has already been to see you at your home. This would be like "comparing apples with pears", as they will have had the opportunity to take a look at the site and discuss things on a more indepth level with you.


We suggest that you have a thorough look through the whole of our website to get a good idea of all the different options that are available to you so that we can "QuikQuote" you much more accurately. If a particular option that you were looking for is not shown, please do not hesitate to ask, as there is very little that we can`t actually do!


All you have to do to benefit from this unique service is fill in the form

opposite and one of our staff will email you an estimate within 24hours.


BellaVista provide this service in the spirit in which it is intended, to try and save your time and ours by establishing within reason if the ideas that you have are going to be affordable to you, before going through surveys and written quotes etc, only to find it isn`t. Hopefully, by working in this manner, we will be able to keep our prices as low as possible by keeping running costs low, which will benefit everyone. We reserve the right to withdraw this service at any time, particulary if we are ever called upon to carry out any works based on a "QuikQuote" basis during a telephone conversation without a prior survey being carried out, or if it is being used to start a "Dutch Auction" between ourselves and another company.

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